She Drew the Gun - Poem

A Music Video I worked on with the band She Drew the Gun and Videographer Oliver Bradley-Baker. We wanted to try and capture the powerful message within the lyrics without overpowering the overall message within the song.

Using the stark contrast between the perceived innocence and naivety of the little girl against the powerful words provided the first platform for this.

The video begins with what seems like a studio recording of a performance for this video. As the camera pans back the audience begin to realise that all is not as it seems. It soon comes to light that the little girl is actually in a derelict & dilapidated building. This works with the messages within the song that not all you see within day to day life is the full story. It also builds upon the themes of failed industry and poverty within modern society that are prevalent throughout the song.

The band featured at this years Glastonbury Festival and have their debut album 'Memories of the Future' available on Spotfiy and iTunes

Photo Credit - Keith Ainsworth -