Secret 7" - Preview

A Preview of my Entry for 7" Secret 2016 - Competition details can be seen here...

The Restrictions are that you cannot have the title of artist or track on the cover

Can you guess which track I chose?

Yeahh it was the Tame Impala Track - The Less I Know the Better.

I bought the Tame Impala Currents LP last year, I noticed that artwork along with the singles were mega trippy, and all featured this 'marble’ type image. It reminded me of something from when I was younger… The old VHS recordable tapes, from scotch (3M). Great opportunity to play with this theme.

Lines & Marbles on Tame Impala Album & Single Artworks reminded me of Scotch Video Cassettes from the 80’s
Sounds and imagery of the new record, to me, have a powerful influence from 80’s/ 90’s culture in Tame Impala's Music & Art
Music ‘Video’ for the song features a love affair between a Cheerleader & Trevor the Gorilla (Heather & Trevor)
A note on the sleeve design hints at this love affair
Like a traditional lovers mix tape, its a video tape from Heather
The actual music video for the track is quiet raunchy - Is this a raunchy home movie from Heather to Trevor?
The Lyrics of the Track speak to the third party in this love triangle -  Heather says… 'wait 10 years we’ll be together’ the irony of it all is that this VHS is actually 30years old. 

Whoever this poor bloke is, the affair is staring directly at him. But he still keeps waiting...