Open Door Centre - Branding

The Open Door Centre is a mental health charity based in the Wirral, Merseyside. Their progressive and unique approach to mental health challenges amongst young people has placed them at the front of the sector and they wanted a new brand to reflect this. 

The project began with some in-depth conversation and discovery. Speaking with the people from the Open Door Centre helped me to understand their identity at its core and from here I could work towards creating a brand that evoked feelings of optimism, progress and opportunity. I started by choosing a more friendly and less imposing font in a lower case to give a more approachable feel. I then edited it slightly to create a feeling of balance and harmony. This was highlighted further by adjusting the existing colour palette to more pastel tones and adding the soft pink as an accent colour. 

The next step was to create a symbol that represented the keys elements of the open door centre, using imagery of the brand both literally and metaphorically. By focusing on the shape of the Wirral peninsular (the location and home of the open door centre) I created a minimal geometric shape to provide the base for exploration. I then split this up and simplified it further to create a visual representation of a 'we are open' sign as well as layering it to symbolise the bright shutters that are a defining feature of the building.

Finally I split and broke apart the symbol to represent how the open door centre is 'breaking the mould' of traditional mental health services and their methodology behind it. Breaking down negative thought patterns and connecting with the people most in need. I kept each part slightly uneven to show that every person is different and their services are bespoke to meet those needs.

The new branding is set to be unveiled with the launch of their new home in the bloom building. 2019 is a big year for the Open Door Centre and I look forward to collaborating further as they continue to flourish and support those in need.

Date: Jan '19
Client: The Open Door Centre
Role: Designer