Neon Prints

It's always great working with the Open Door Centre Charity and this month we continued with these neon prints. The pieces took inspiration from abstract representation of fictional stories of the area as well as mental challenges.

The Centre had decided to give itself a new look and wanted some limited edition artwork to brighten and inspire the interior. With a short timescale we had to focus on a style that could be developed and refined in future, and even the possibility of collaborating on some screen printing workshops.

Inspired by some recent study into the principles of 2 dimensional design, I soon found that using geometric shapes utilised artistic movements of the past as well as creating an abstract space for interpretation. Moving further into this direction I created a series based around 2-3 colours. This also aided the spot printing process. Helping to safeguard against any unexpected outcome when printing which was an important consideration as always. The pieces are now on show at the Open Door Centre in Wallasey, Merseyside

#1 Road Across the Universe   #2 Ice Cream Trip   #3 Cassette   #4 Beaches n Cream   #5 Under the Sun   #6 Exit the Void

Date: Mar '18
Client: The Open Door Centre
Role: Artist