I was approached by the musician Beans on Toast to collaborate on a project that would involve creating artwork and advertisements for an inner city music festival. Common Ground festival took place in London over a period of 5 weeks in late summer 2018. My task was to explore the visual identity and create artwork that would become a geometric and visual representation of what the music and festival itself stood for.

I worked with Jay closely throughout the project using video calls and screen sharing facilities to provide a collaborative environment for us both to work in. This allowed me to harness the artistic freedom I was given and create work that truly represented the vision of the project and the festival itself

This selection was curated based on the exploration throughout the project. During the project we had to reject some ideas due to their complexity. This in turn encouraged the further exploration of work post project completion and formed the basis of this collection. Taking inspiration from the sun and moon and their relationship with the landscape to create a series of unique abstract forms.

Some of the full stories and inspiration behind each piece will be documented on my Instagram during the following weeks. They are also available for purchase, so follow me for updates or head directly to my shop to order yours

#1: The Final Suggestion on Silicone Strip  #2: Lightly Toasted Dishwater  #3 Nectarine & the Sluts  #4: Stuck on the Electric Warpath  #5 Atomic Stomach Pain  #6: The Fat Stripes  #7: The Emerald Aisle of Frozen Love  #8: The Park of Silky Desire  #9: Silver Plated Foreplay  #10: Voyage of Madness

Date: Aug '18
Client: Common Ground Music Festival
Role: Artist