Introduction To LSU - Large Scale UMTS 

Location Based Service

LSU is a Brand combining the specialist areas from 3 companies to create smart city technology in order to deal with modern day problems such as congestion within cities across the globe.

The LSU Logo is a modern and unique reflection of the technology behind the brand and its influence on city living. It Captures the values of the Smart City ethos as well as giving its own unique influence.

The Idea behind the logo was to combine all the key elements of brand into an iconic symbol that was modern, fresh and unique. By combining the Letters of the brand with ideas of  connectivity the shape develops into a 3 dimensional object. This is further explored with the concepts of city living and building for the future. The final feature was to bring in the concept of technology involved, thus giving the shape a great universal yet unique style.

The icon manipulates the Letters/Initials of the brand (LSU) into a 3 dimensional shape that resembles a building block feel. This effect also reflects the ideas of building smart cities for the future and making cities a more simple and efficient play to live in.

The use of clear space and almost an optical illusion style draws influence from the Graphic Artist MC Escher. Renowned for his works that featured ‘impossible structures’ and ideas of infinity. 

These ideas are, in some respects metaphors for the LSU brand and smart cities. Creating technology in our structures that was once thought of as impossible. The challenge of creating smart cities others may also see as an ‘impossible’ task. Couple with this the idea of helping our cities to thrive for longer and thinking for the future and sustainable life, then the possibilities are ‘infinate’.