Liverpool City Region Music Board

I was approached by key figures in the Music Industry to create a brand that would encapsulate the identity of the biggest music city in the world, Liverpool. 

This was a dream job for me and I wanted to make sure I got it right. The challenges for the music board were connecting the region's music scene, and making sure each part of it had a voice in the progress of the city through music. This ranged from the team behind The Beatles story and the Cavern, to Africa Oyé. Making sure each genre and musical style, as well every area of the region was represented, was a huge challenge. So I thought back to the very basics of what connected them all. The Mersey River.

I visited the museum of Liverpool and soaked up some of the earlier iconic elements that defined Liverpool, what first put it on the map and how it has progressed to where it is today. After the early years of shipping and industry, music and culture has been one of the biggest exports and has remained an export to the world to this day. The Cities main connection to the world was traditionally through its river, famously said to have been built facing outward towards the world. Almost a funnel of energy travelling outward, as well as soaking up the culture and immigration of influence returning inward. 

This gave me an idea to develop the shape of the river to represent a music speaker and also a megaphone to represent both the music and the voice of the people. I then broke this down into geometric symbols to represent the connecting elements of the region and its musical styles and influence. Representing a collective output and a connection to the world. 

I continued to grow the brand and create a varied colour scheme with an approachable typeface that did not isolate itself from the varied music types, but also retained a hint of music and creative influence. I created a set of basic brand assets as well as a website design, providing the foundations for the project to move forward and progress into the future without barriers.

Date: May '19
Client: Liverpool City Council, Bido Lito!
Role: Brand Direction, Designer, Website Designer
Tags: #Music