Future Yard

I was approached to collaborate with Bido Lito! for a new music festival and a new music initiative for Birkenhead and the Wirral region of Merseyside. 

Our task was to play on the unique weirdness of Birkenhead and its position in the musical and cultural landscape both past and present. My task was to work in creating a brand that reflected this initiative. Creating a brand, promotional materials and full series of assets for Future Yard Festival 2019.

This included a promotional video, social assets, website design, all printed media and looooaadddssss more! It was a huge project and one I really enjoyed. 

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If you have a music festival in 2020 and want to collaborate then get in touch

Date: March '19
Client: Bido Lito!, Future Yard
Role: Designer, Story Teller, Illustrator, Art Direction, Animator